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By | May 29, 2018

Juniper Credit Card : Welcome to the world of Juniper Bank. It is a direct bank located in Wilmington, Delaware. These banks take care of the branded national, international credits cards. This bank was brought up and developed in the year 2000, Now it’s been 18 years which is running successfully. When it started the bank started to offer insurance products. From then it did so many things that provide us with the required details on banking and credit cards.

How To Login Juniper Credit Card Login?

Before that, we might have a question of what is the use of credit cards? It is like a simplified which means a smart method of banking or payments. For that, we just simply need our respective details. Go the website of juniper bank which is where there will be two options one is login which is for the user who has already have a safe account and another one is signing up which is for starters. We need to give the exact information needed and have to remember the things for next login in. It’s that simple. We need to use our card wisely. Exploring the features and learning about the terms and conditions is must and should. All these cards give us a complete freedom of purchasing anything from anywhere at any time.

Doubts On Juniper Credit Card:

  • How do I add an additional user to my account?

For that, we need to use their customer care services and additional users are a great convenience. We can sum up or add someone to our account and they immediately receive a card which is linked to our account. Then they get a duplicate card for the further details of the purchasing and using.

  • How do we change our personal information?

Sometimes we might lose our contacts, emails, shifting of houses. So keeping these things in mind they provided a simple option, we need to go to their official website then after we have to select the ALERTS/PROFILE, therefore we will be able to change or update our privacy options.

  • What do we need to do if the Juniper Credit Card is lost or stolen?

Yes, this particular question makes sense and most of the people wanted to know it.  To report that our card is stolen or lost we immediately have to call for the customer care and after calling them they have to know everything about card viz.

  1. Exact location from where the card is stolen or lost.
  2. Date and time.
  3. Any details of the recent activity.
  4. Have you given any report on Police station behalf of your card?

Terms and conditions:

Everyone needs to know that they are investing something safely in their bank and have a comfortable communication with the staff. For that we need to know some of the terms and conditions which are listed clearly below:

  • Annual percentage rate for purchases is from 14.99% to 18.99% which depends on our card history and it affects a lot.
  • Information regarding variable rate, Our APR may vary and may be last at 21.99%.
  • Minimum of 20days from the periodic statement the grace period does not apply to cash advances, transferring balances, etc.
  • Where we have an annual fee which is from 0 to 49 US Dollars.

How to view the bank section?

For viewing the bank section we need to know about the things that are listed below:

  • A specific serial number which we give to juniper network.
  • Name of the bank in which we just admitted.
  • A definite description of the bank.
  • The variable type of images of the bank.
  • Date of expiration and the capacity for the bank expires.

contacting details.

As we know if any card has been lost or stolen we immediately have to report for customer care and their contacting details are listed below:

Address: PO Box 8801, Wilmington, DE 19899-8801.


Juniper Credit Card, which is almost all owned by the specialized Canadian bank helps them to get out of their problems. I just contributed every factor regarding juniper bank that you all searching for. The less known fact about the relationship between Juniper bank and Barclays is it issues the credit cards which helps up to an amount of 300 million US dollars, as a part of its epic hard work and effort to top up their services and expand worldwide.

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